360° – No. 5


3 6 0 °   is for those seeking true transformation and Instagram success. Social media is free, and it’s in front of your ideal customers more than any other advertising methods. And Instagram is the Shangri-la of products and services..

However, you must take care in cultivating your Insta world, building relationships, spreading ideas and value.. and before long you will have become an expert, guru, and wildchild of your niche.

This service includes ALL of the above. When you order this 30 day transformation I will..

  • Perform a full audit of your account. This includes a detailed report on what’s working and what’s not, plus ideas and strategies for your specific niche
  • Write a new sales focused bio, targeted to your ideal audience
  • Make the most of your one-and-only clickable link from Instagram (hint.. it shouldn’t be going to your blog or other social media platforms!)
  • Research and create a list of 30 niche targeted, and well balanced hashtags to get your content seen far and wide
  • Engage daily with your ideal target audience by liking, following, and un-following their posts and accounts
  • Expect to see an increase in followers of 20 – 100+ per day
  • Create a cohesive theme for your feed, in keeping with your brand
  • Create 30 posts (1 for each day of the month), showcasing your products, services, personality and ethos
  • Write an engaging and thought provoking caption for each post, plus a call to action for them to contact or click through
  • Post to your Instagram daily, at the ideal time for your audience

$595 – Book Now


Have any questions? Please email me and I will be happy to help!


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