Earth – No. 1

E A R T H is the foundational service to make sure your Insta soil is cultivated for growth. Once the fundamentals are in place, you will have a strong and firm base on which to build your business. When you order this service I will..

Perform a full audit of your account. This includes a detailed report on what’s working and what’s not, plus ideas and strategies for your specific niche
Write a new sales focused bio, targeted to your ideal audience

Air – No. 2

A I R is geared towards spreading the seeds of your content. It’s all well and good to be posting everyday, but without the wind to carry your messages they will fall flat.

I like to think of hashtags like the wind. If you use hastags that are too popular, your posts will get lost in a tornado.. use hashtags too weak and they won’t even blow a few meters away.

Fire – No. 3

F I R E is all about kindling the flame of your account by growing your biggest asset; your engagement. An account with low engagement is useless, as it means no one is paying any attention. It will never get your message out there, and you will never make any money from it.

Water – No. 4

W A T E R is all about creating and adding value. Of nourishing your followers with great content, and making them want to come back for more.

To make the most of your Instagram, and reach true Insta fame.. your content has to be both consistent, and good.

360° – No. 5

3 6 0 ° is for those seeking true transformation and Instagram success. Social media is free, and it’s in front of your ideal customers more than any other advertising methods. And Instagram is the Shangri-la of products and services..

However, you must take care in cultivating your Insta world, building relationships, spreading ideas and value.. and before long you will have become an expert, guru, and wildchild of your niche.

Work with Me

Are you frustrated with Instagram?..

Your posts are getting tumble-weed..
Everyone else seems to be making except you..
You’re starting to think “is this it?!”
Hello my lovely – you’re in the right place!

I am a Virtual Assistant specialising in Instagram. Whether you just need a list of hashtags, a full make-over, or want to become Insta-famous.. I am the girl for you.

I have 10 years experience working online, and a string of small businesses of my own. Passive income has been kind to me, and now I want to help YOU to shine in your niche.